We run holiday programmes every school holidays. We will have a holiday programme in April – details will be advised here as soon as available.

Why choose a holiday programme?

We’re a nation surrounded by water –  we need to be water safe!

Holiday programmes provide the opportunity to:

  • Increase skills and fitness
  • Ensure you get the most our of water based activities, eg surfing, snorkeling
  • Kick start your swimming programme for the new term
  • Increase your aerobic base to assist with other sports
  • Have a fun holiday activity to burn up all that energy!
  • Revisit skills learned on previous holiday & term programmes

Families with 3 or more members enrolled in same week receive 10% discount

Students not already enrolled on our programme will need to complete an assessment form prior to the start of course.

All swimmers and parents in the water must wear a swim cap

Please note:

a) Lessons must all be taken in one week or the other and cannot be split between weeks

b) Courses must be paid for in full at the time of booking