We run holiday programmes every school holidays

April 2021 Holiday Programme

  • Week 1: 19-22 April  (Monday to Thursday) 4 days
  • Week 2:  27-29 April (Tuesday to Thursday) 3 days

We have a full series of events!!!

  • Specialist stroke and race clinics for swimmers Level 6 and above


  • consecutive days of lessons for swimmers Levels 1 – 5

Specialist clinics focus on a different stroke each session, ie

You can choose to do Day 1 Freestyle; Day 2 Backstroke; Day 3 Breaststroke; Day 4 Butterfly – or any combination you wish. All strokes are taught every day.

  • Specialist clinics are 60 minutes and cost $23.50 per session.
  • Specialist clinics can be booked individually, depending on swimmer’s level session times are 11.00am; 12.10pm; 1.40pm

Race training clinic Friday 23 April, 12.00pm

  • Focusing  specifically on race techniques and skills
  • 75 minute session $29.50 or free when booking 4 Specialist clinics.

Consecutive days of lessons for beginner and emergent swimmers

  • 45 minute classes for emergent swimmers $84 for 4 days week 1; $63 for 3 days week 2
  • 30 minute classes for beginner swimmers $73.50 for 4 days week 2; $55 for 3 days week 2. A parent/caregiver is required to be in the water for these lessons

NB: You must book all days for the week of the consecutive days of lessons – bookings cannot be split between both weeks

10% discount is available for families booking 3 or more members on the holiday programme.

Contact us at info@canterburyswimschool.co.nz  for more info!