Huia and Jenny have turned my then very shy 9 year old son into the strong competitve swimmer he is today. The guidence, knowlege and skills  both Huia and Jenny  have, made learning to swim and reaching goals that much easier. The style of teaching is outstanding, – using easy to follow instructions, while gaining the attention and respect of young children is fantastic. You will not find better Coaches.   My son learning to swim was the BEST decision I have ever made. He is now a happy, confident young man, who is willing to give anything a go.

A very happy mum!


Thanks so much for on going updates on girls progress. They are looking forward to, and enjoying the lessons every week.  It has been interesting for me too, watching how they learn (the twins in particular) Belinda not so keen to try new ideas at first mention, but after a bit of thought and a little fear that Jasmine will get ahead, challenges herself with good results, where as Jasmine responds well with a big talk up in the car before we get to lessons. Your high level of positive reinforcements like lots of high fives make those kids beam and I feel very lucky to have them enrolled in your program.

Thanks & regards
Jennifer Inch



Swimming is now my life. From a young age i’ve enjoyed being in the water, and it was the highlight of my young years when Jenny came and asked if i would like to go competitive. Of course the answer was yes, and things have just got better and better.

Jenny is, in a sense, my long lost aunty!  She is always cheerful, especially when it comes to her “fun” training sessions and she is always understanding of injuries etc. “Me and Jenny are like peas and carrots!”  Learning the basics of swimming was so much easier because it was fun and easy to understand, and Jenny soon taught me that it’s ok to give anything a go.”

Well, what can i say about the big man, Huia. On the outside, he may look scary, and his main sets from the “good ol’ days” (a.k.a 46×100’s……) were insane, but once you get down to the nitty gritty and do something right, he gets all gooey, and everything turns into a mush of praises, claps and high fives. Tumeke!

Without both of these amazing coaches, I would be a submarine. That is why it has been the most awesomest journey of adventure ever, and I hope it continues.